RTI Relaxations are no more …

When the system was introduced, it was anticipated that it wasn’t going to be easy for employers and that there were going to be problems. One of which was the issue of the RTI report having to be submitted on or before the date an employee was to be paid.

Many employers indeed found this difficult […]

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Tax credit renewal online – is it easier?

So it’s come to that time of year again when it times to get your tax credits sorted. And oh what a job it is! From the gathering your information, to filling out the forms, to the long and painful waiting on the phone to the HMRC. We know all too well about this is […]

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IR35 – Changes to prepare for!

Current government legislation on whether personal service companies applies to IR35 have always been in the hands of the intermediary. The current rules leave the decision of whether the government scheme applies solely down to the company itself, leaving them to make sure that they are compliant and ensuring that:


Calculations of employment payments and paying […]

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