Nobody knows your business better than you do yourself, however, when identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities sometimes only specialist guidance will do.

Through gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, FPA analyse and assess data, producing a plan tailored to your business needs, providing solutions, information and sound advice ensuring your business’ potential is reached.

Using external market factors and internal resources we create a unique business plan to get YOUR business to work for YOU!

Is your business struggling?

  • We can create turn around strategies to ensure your business has a sustainable and profitable future.
  • We also provide a coaching service for managers to enable them to empower their staff get the best from each employee.
  • We guarantee the highest level of service and value for money. Remember your first consultation is FREE!
  • Need some direction?
  • Feel like you are missing vital opportunities for growth?
  • Business feeling stagnant?
  • Need quality analysis and advice?
  • Cost reduction specialists
  • Increased sales

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